Boss Babe (Insert Eye Roll)...

#bossbabe #bosslady #girlboss. I know. I saw the hashtags, posts, and live videos. My eyes rolled in the back of my head, too. You sell things online: pills, wraps, soap, skincare, absurdly colorful leggings, shampoo--how in the world does that make you a BOSS? My judgy mcjudgerpants were tightly secured around my midsection. So, how did I become a self-professed and unapologetic direct marketing, skincare slangin', hardcore hustling, BOSS f*cking BABE? Let's do a Scooby Doo style flashback...

In my previous life (AKA up until one year ago), I taught high schoolers. Besides the joy of shaping them into beautiful, functioning members of society, I also quickly learned the joy of them calling my ass out at any opportunity. I'm talking BRUTAL honesty. I came in prepared: my hair was on point, my nails were popping, my clothes weren't too "teacher-y", my lips were coated with the latest Kylie Lip Kit. I knew they took no prisoners, so I took ZERO chances. That's until my damn skin betrayed me. After two babies, my hormones decided to go #throwbackthursday on me, and remind me of MY days as a teenager. Legit: my skin looked worse than my students'. Nooooooooooooooooo! I'm talking, huge cyctic acne that took days...weeks! heal.

It happens pretty much the same way for all of us #bossbabes. We are highly skeptical, but then one day, we realize we need whatever it is "they" are selling. I happened to be perusing my FB feed, feeling my blood pulse through Mt. Vesuvius on my chin, and stumbled upon a before and after of some girl's skin transformation. She went from pepperoni face to glowing goddess. Yep. Sign me up. Take all my money. Lesssss do this!

Three years later, I'm still using the skincare. One year into using it, I decided on a whim..."I can sell this and get a huge ass discount." Once again, lesssssss do this. That one insane decision has undoubtedly changed my entire life, but that's for future blogalogs. All I can say is the judgment thing is REAL, and all it does is separate you from total joy. I'm so glad I let go of that shit because what started as a little "side gig" has turned into so. much. more.

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