In Medias Res...

It seems that the truest spiritual awakenings happen when shit hits the fan, and such is true in my case. It’s like the Universe says FIRMLY, “Imma have to shake you to wake you the eff up!” Before I go back to the very beginning, you have to know what triggered the journey. I had wrapped my entire identity around being a teacher. A high school English teacher. In an inner city school. I saved kids. This is what I told myself. Who would I be if I walked away? What PURPOSE would I have?

Little did I know that I was on the verge of a total mental and physical breakdown through exhaustion and a fragile ego, and I didn’t have one spiritual tool to help guide me. I was lost, tired, and thought everything was happening TO me. I was swimming in a sea of victimhood. I remember vividly venting and sobbing to my friend (yet again). This time was different though—I saw myself from an outside perspective. While snot was running down my face and I blamed the world for my circumstances, I knew I couldn’t stand who I was anymore. There had to be another way. And so the journey began... • • • #lightworker #lightworkerinc #theuniversehasyourback#bloggerstyle #stories #spiritualgrowth #spiritualjourney#spiritualgangter #spiritjunkie #raiseyourvibration #gratitude#choosehappiness #yoga #instablogger


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