Are you missing this key ingredient in your daily activity for your business?

My very first blog took you through my trials of crappy skin, along with my inner monologue, that led me to become a "hashtag boss babe." I pulled the trigger on becoming a direct sales consultant for a company called Rodan+Fields, mainly for the massive discount on skincare products that I was already using to clear my pepperoni pizza face with a side of fine lines and a large cup of sun damage. Guys, I had no freaking clue what I was in for! Raise your hand, #bossbabes, if you were all jazzed about running your own side hustle by posting a little bit on Facebook? Guilty as charged. What seemed like a innocuous decision turned out to be so.much.more. This one is for mah girls and guys who are wondering, "Can I do this? Maybe I just don't have what it takes." Trust me, you do. You just might be missing the key piece of your business that will require massive growth on your part to receive massive abundance and success in your business.

Let me explain: My business is SIMPLE, but that doesn't mean it's EASY. Like all other sales jobs, the process isn't hard to master, it's the grit and tenacity that takes skill and practice. From pretty early on, we learn that we don't we don't want to be "different" or "weird" and we certainly do not make ourselves open to judgment and rejection. Sales is located in the state of Judgiana (you are judging yourself way more than others are judging you, though), and direct sales is located in the capital of Rejection City. So many people say, "Oh, I could never do that. You're good at it, but I would never be." What they are really saying is, "I don't want face rejection. I have probably judged you for doing this direct sales thing (ewwww), and I know other people will judge me. I'll stay comfy, thanks though, darling. You're gonna be great!" (So, why is it worth it to have your own business, especially in a channel that carries so many misconceptions? Because, the fruits of your labor can be massive and life-changing, and you have the ability to change so many others' lives in the process. Plus, I want to give back in big and bold ways, and I know that this is my vehicle.) Many people in sales will rationalize the rejection part of the job as a "numbers game", but for my empath soul, it doesn't take the sting out of it. That's how my friend, Personal Development, and I got real close.

Raise your hand if:

*Posting something vulnerable on social media makes you want to puke

*Getting a "No' is like a punch to the gut

*You over-think every decision you make in your business

*You are constantly comparing yourself to others and wind up feeling inferior

*You don't see your future self succeeding

Friend, I feel you. I was there, everyday. Every time someone said, NO, I died a little bit. This is what you must know though: All of those thoughts and feelings really have nothing to do with your business, and everything to do with the wounds you already carry. You have bandaids over wounds from your past of rejection, vulnerability, comparison, inferiority, and definitely a belief in yourself. You have been wearing these bandaids for who knows how long, pretending like the wounds aren't there, still sensitive, some still oozing a little. The minute that something happens in your business (like rejection or even just putting yourself out there), it's as if someone rips off the bandaid and drives a knife right into that wound. It hurts so bad that you can't analyze where the pain started, but you do know that the knife made it hurt RIGHT NOW, so you slap on another bandaid and don't go near knives ever again. At some point, you are going to have to peel off all of the bandaids and really acknowledge the wounds you've been carrying around and what really caused them. You are going to have to be the doctor. That's how you heal. Trust me, the scar will still be there, but it won't hurt anymore and will become a reminder of how far you have come.

The only way I was able to see past the immediate pain, work to heal the old wounds, and ultimately figure out that most of my fears were lies I had made up long ago was through a whole lotta personal development. If you aren't reading, listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos, listening to audio books if you don't like reading (I love the #Audible app even though I love to read. Perfect for in the car, or while you're showering!) Where should you start? My first taste was "You are a Badass" by #jensincero. Then, I fell down the rabbit hole of #brenebrown and #gabbiebernstein. "The Universe has your Back" is a game-changer. I love to listen to #waynedyer YouTube videos as I cook or shower. I set my DVR to record Super Soul Sunday, with BFF, #oprah. I practice meditation and mindfulness with #deepakchopra. "The Book of Secrets" will blow your mind. If you love fiction, try "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coehlo.

This is not fluff. This is not optional. This is vital for you and your success. Whatever old wounds you carry WILL bleed into your business. Heal yourself and you won't be chasing after success. You will attract it.

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