The Power of Love

Bishop Michael Curry's #royalwedding sermon had me in ALL.MY.FEELS. I have been exploding with the idea that love really has the power to change the world. I make it my mission to practice that kind of love every single day. Maybe it's through forgiveness, maybe it's by an extra hug, maybe it's by a hyped-up pep talk of encouragement. It just takes being conscious of where I can pause in the moment and do that one extra thing to help, thereby having no "shoulda, coulda, woulda" regrets later. Usually, it requires a little extra bravery in the moment, as I know I am putting myself out there, speaking feelings that usually stay hidden, looking pretty sappy, and for sure feeling way vulnerable. It's worth it. Every little action of love is totally worth it.

The name of my Facebook group is "Love Yourself". Somewhere along the way, I realized that all of my drive and passion boils down to one thing: love. And there is no way you can give away love so freely to others unless you have filled your own damn cup first. You can try, but you will burn out eventually. I did.

Before I learned that very important lesson of filling my freaking cup and loving myself first, I I gave massive amounts of myself as a educator. Teaching wasn't about literature or writing or was about showing love, oftentimes to kids who didn't often feel love by others, especially so openly and willingly, with no strings attached. It was all about the small moments. When that one kid was a total butthole and I finally lost my shit, it was about owning it and asking for forgiveness. It was looking him in the eye and telling him that I was the adult and that I was truly sorry. That small moment changed everything. It was noticing that a kid hadn't been at school for a couple days and came back different. Head down, quiet, and wearing the same clothes three days in a row. Digging deeper and finding out he had been placed in the foster system. It's that small moment of asking him if he would be my student helper. I gave him a home in my classroom. He, in return, became a support for me when teaching became tough. I have so many stories to tell of being vulnerable with my students, giving them massive amounts of love, and how it changed all of our lives. You give love. You get love. That love changed me, and hopefully ignites a spark of change for them to love someone else. When that happens, the ripple effect is massive.

Parenting isn't about being perfect, being the PTO President, cooking excellent meals, and running myself ragged to show how much I care. I often wonder whether I'm getting it right and beat myself up about what I haven't done. Did I help them with their homework enough? Was I distracted while they rambled on about recess? Am I feeding them total shit food that will create bad habits as adults? Did they hear that F-bomb that slipped? When I fall down the rabbit hole of all of the things I could have done better, I think about what I remember most about my mom's parenting. I remember how she made me FEEL. Safe. Respected. Intelligent. Loved. It's about giving and teaching love. It's that simple. It's about teaching my daughters that they are perfect in the unique way they were created, teaching them that they are powerful and strong, humorous and creative, and beautiful in their confidence and kindness. It's about teaching them to respect others, to love others, to advocate for others, to call out injustices, and to be brave. Teaching love through the lens of a parent has changed me, and hopefully my daughters will change the world by giving back that love and strength.

My newish adventure as a CEO of my own business isn't really about skincare. It's about loving myself enough to believe that I am capable of massive things for my life, that I am strong enough, smart enough, and brave enough to play BIG with my life. It's about messing up, learning, improving, and all the while, teaching others what I've learned along the way. My mess truly is my message. It's about loving that I am uniquely me and can pave my own path, and my business is my vehicle to teach the importance of self-care, the importance of giving back, and the importance of women supporting one another. I never even considered the platform that I would create would help other women lead better lives, love themselves more, and believe in their own power. I take that platform seriously, as it will continue to grow and evolve. I will always preach the importance of self-love and the necessity of personal development and spirituality. I have learned that the love and support of other women has the ability to change the world.

I am in love with Bishop Curry's sermon today. Giving love openly, freely, and without any expectation in return has the power to change your life...and the world. xoxoxoxoxo

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